18 Houthi militias killed in battles with Yemeni army in Al Bayda Governorate

Aden, As many as 18 members of the Houthi militias were killed in battles with the Yemeni army, in Al Bayda Governorate, in central Yemen.

A military source said that six members were killed as the National Army forces targeted a vehicle carrying them in the junction Albayad Directorate Almljm and wounded others while the vehicle was completely destroyed.

Twelve others elements of the Houthi militia were killed after the army repulsed their attempt to infiltrate into a second front in the same province, according to the official Yemeni government website

Brigadier General Ahmed Bahibeh, the field commander of the brigades at the front, said that the army had ambushed a secret hideout belonging to the Houthi rebels containing large quantities of weapons and various ammunition.

Source: Saudi Press Agency