46the Session of CFM of Member States of the OIC issues Abu Dhabi Declaration

ABU DHABI, The Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Heads of delegations of Member States of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), have issued the Abu Dhabi Declaration at the conclusion of the Forty-Sixth Session of the Council of Foreign Ministers (CFM) of Member States of the OIC held in Abu Dhabi over the last two days.

According to UAE news agency, WAM, the Declaration states, "We praise the efforts made by the OIC during 5 decades to preserve and protect our common interests, advocate for the fair causes of Member States, coordinate and unify efforts of the states in order to address the challenges facing the Muslim world in particular and the international community in general, as stipulated by the Charter of the OIC.

"Affirm our commitment to respect the security, sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Member States, and believe in the necessity of resolving existing and emerging litigations and conflicts through negotiation, mediation and reconciliation by adopting diplomatic solutions based on the principles of international law, and therefore, we call upon the full activation of the OIC mechanism on peace and security and the good offices of the secretary general.

"Decide to mark the year 2019 as a golden jubilee of the 50th anniversary of the OIC, in order to enhance its presence as an international organization and an effective partner in the stabilization of peace, security and development in the world, and we invite all Member States to celebrate this anniversary by organizing national programmes within the framework of the OIC.

"Reaffirm that the Palestinian issue is a central issue to both the Arab and the Muslim nations, and reiterate our position to strive in order to reach a comprehensive and permanent solution and to establish an independent Palestinian State according to the borders of June 4, 1967, with East Jerusalem as its capital, in accordance with the decisions of international legitimacy and the Arab Peace Initiative.

"Condemn all Israeli violations against the brotherly Palestinian people, and any procedures taken by the Israeli occupation forces and aiming at changing the nature of East Jerusalem or its demography or any arbitrary steps which undermine the international efforts to reach the two-states solution and achieve peace.

"Confirm our commitment to support the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), and invite the international community to fulfill its commitments regarding the Palestinian issue and Palestinian refugees.

"Condemn all forms of interventions in internal affairs of the states as such interventions are considered as a violation of the norms of the international law and the principle of sovereignty of the states.

"Call upon the Islamic Republic of Iran to respond positively to the peaceful calls of the UAE to reach a peaceful solution which ends the Iranian occupation of the three Emirati islands, through dialogue and direct negotiations or by seeking international arbitration.

"Affirm our commitment to preserve the unity, sovereignty and territorial independence and integrity of Yemen, and refuse any interference in its internal affairs. We reaffirm our support to the rule of constitutional law in Yemen in order to restore peace and stability in Yemen. We affirm that the political solution is the only solution to the crisis in Yemen and such solution is based on the three points of reference agreed upon as well as the Security Council Resolution 2216. In this respect, we renew our support to the efforts of the United Nations and its Special Envoy for Yemen, and assure that the coalition forces led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia entered Yemen upon official request by the legitimate government in Yemen and according to UNSCR2216."

The Declaration covered other issues such as Syria and Libya among others.

Source: Saudi Press Agency