A large-scale security operation was launched north of Al-Muqdadiya, in Diyala Governorate

Baghdad  The Diyala Operations Command carried out a large-scale security operation in the northern Muqdadiya district in Diyala.

A statement by the Ministry of Defense, which the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) received a copy of, stated that the operation was carried out from multiple axes, which were assigned to the Fifth Division, Diyala Police, the Popular Mobilization and the Tribal Mobilization Forces, with support by the Air Force and Army Aviation, for the purpose of inspecting the orchards or pursuing terrorist gangs in Muqdadiya and the Khailaniyah village “.

It added that the operation achieved good results at the beginning of its launch, represented by the discovery of a number of IEDs, hideouts and dens, and the arrest of three suspects, and it continues until the desired results are achieved.”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency