A leader of the PUK: We insist on the decentralized system and the real partnership with the Regional government

Sulaymaniyah, A leading leader in the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan acknowledged the existence of deep differences between the Union and the Democratic Party on the formation of the new government and how to manage the region.

Spokesman for the Patriotic Union Latif Sheikh Omar said in a press statement that the Patriotic Union insist on the system of decentralization and real partnership in the new government, and the political bureau of the Union identified the negotiating delegation with the Democratic Party."

He added that the Patriotic Union insists on the implementation of the decentralized system, and a joint project of all parties to the absence of any misinformation, and is ready to take the necessary steps to establish a new government in the Kurdistan region, according to the political agreement concluded with the Democratic Party."

The Spokesman for the PUK also stressed the need to address the differences and outstanding problems between the two main parties.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency