A parliamentary delegation heads to Canada to participate in a parliamentary meeting of NATO

BAGHDAD, A parliamentary delegation led by Second Vice-Speaker Bashir Haddad headed to Canada today to participate in the meetings and activities of the 64th session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), which will start on November 16-19, 2018 in Halle Fax, in Canada.

" Al-Haddad stressed the importance of the participation of the Iraqi delegation in this international forum, which is dedicated to holding open dialogue sessions for senior leaders and officials elected by the NATO Parliamentary Assembly and the Middle East Group, with delegations from the Mediterranean, focuses on discussing common challenges," Haddad said in a statement.

"The Iraqi delegation will discuss with all allied countries and friends the overall events and the developments in the situation in the region and review its future vision, particularly Iraq's great victories in its war against terrorism and extremism, and discuss ways to develop mechanisms of cooperation between Iraq and friendly countries and exchange views on the common issues and challenges facing our countries at the security, political and economic levels."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency