Abadi Rejects Trump’s Comments On Using US Bases To Hit Neighboring Countries

BAGHDAD, Former Prime Minister, head of al-Nasr Coalition, Haider al-Abadi expressed his rejection to the US President Donald Trump's statements yesterday, as part of his talk to the US-based CBS News Channel on the use of US bases to attack neighboring countries.

Abadi said in a statement: "Talk about US bases and their use to confront neighboring countries is contrary to the Iraqi constitution and the agreements between Iraq and the United States, which were agreed upon at all stages of US participation within the International Coalition for fighting Daesh, as Iraq is keen to be US participation in the forces of the international coalition in accordance with Iraqi sovereignty for the purposes of logistical and intelligence support and military training.

He added, "Talk about US military bases in Iraq for the purposes of confrontation complicates the relationship with neighboring countries and complicates the relationship with the United States to unexpected crises, and violates the sovereignty and independence of Iraq.

He stressed the importance of the US administration's review of its position and reconsider these statements, which destabilize the relationship between Baghdad and Washington and create an unfavorable negative atmosphere, calling on the Iraqi government to confirm our firm position of not to use of Iraqi territory against any neighboring country and any party.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency