Abdul Mahdi from Tehran: We came to follow up the good implementation of what we agreed in Baghdad and add more agreements

BAGHDAD, Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi expressed his optimism about the future of relations between the two countries and the Iraqi and Iranian peoples and overcome many difficulties.

"Baghdad was called Dar es Salaam and Bayt al-Hikma. It should also be a house of peace in our orientations and relations with all our Arab and regional neighbors, which we are keen to strengthen, especially after the victory," which the Iraqis have made with their precious sacrifices, he said. "

"We have come to follow up the good implementation of what we agreed upon in Baghdad and to add more agreements to achieve further cooperation and rapprochement in the political, economic and social fields. We will implement our agreement on the Shatt al-Arab, as well as the railway between Basra and Shalamja, and electrical connections, and facilitate visas for citizens and investors, and other forms of cooperation, in addition to the construction of industrial cities, "calling for the establishment of time limits to implement all our agreements and agree in all areas, in addition to the need to hold meetings between Iraqi security officials and their Iranian counterparts on border issues and smuggling and drugs, pointing out the joint cooperation to face the threat of floods that the Iraqi and Iranian people are suffering and the solidarity of Iraq and its people with the families of the victims.

The Iranian President, according to the media office of the Prime Minister, is ready to encourage investors in the areas of development of services and housing construction in Iraq, and achieve electric linkage and the implementation of agreements on the Shatt al-Arab and cooperation in the fields of technical and oil and finance and raise the level of trade.

The two sides also discussed the issues of the region, the importance of adopting dialogue and peaceful solutions to end the conflict in Yemen, the elimination of wars and crises from the region, the development of bilateral relations and cooperation, increasing trade exchange, energy and health fields.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency