Abi Khalil: We cooperate with all state departments to preserve Lebanon’s rights in its border resources

Caretaker Energy and Water Minister, Cesar Abi Khalil, on Wednesday said he was closely working with all state institutions to take measures aimed at protecting Lebanon's rights in its offshore natural resources at the border with the occupied Palestine from Israeli greed.

Minister Abi Khalil's words came in response to information published by a certain media outlet on the petroleum activities launched in the Lebanese offshore bloc 9 and the dangers posed by the Israeli enemy in this regard.

The Minister stressed that the drilling activities in this area have been identified by the operator in the exploration plan, based on hydrocarbon targets that increase the possibility of petroleum findings.

He said it was impossible to determine and delineate the drilling sites along the border with Palestine, away from the plans.

Abi Khalil called for vigilance over the Israeli enemy's clear attempts to conceal its failures in terms of exploration and licensing rounds in the occupied Palestine waters, especially after Lebanon's success in granting exploration licenses for two offshore blocks to international companies.

Source: National News Agency