Absher for Individuals Contributes to Facilitate Acquisition of Hunting Weapons, at Saudi Falcons and Hunting Exhibition

Riyadh, The presence of firearms and pneumatic weapons was of interest to the visitors of the Saudi Falcons and Hunting Exhibition, as they are manufactured by major specialized weapons companies, for hunting weapons, that were available for sale, as the visitors were able to purchase individual and aerial weapons, since the first day of the exhibition, which witnessed a large number of visitors.

The visitor can perform a number of procedural steps to purchase those weapons by accessing Absher platform for individuals and choose booking appointments, then choose (weapons permissions) and book a new appointment and select "purchase order service of firearm and choose Riyadh region, then, finally, choose the branch of the Saudi Falcons and Hunting Exhibition.

After filling and printing the required forms along with the notice and approval on the terms and conditions required by the service, the applicant goes to the exhibition to complete the procedures to verify the eligibility of the applicant.

Then, the appropriate weapon will be selected from the weapons section and the payment process will be completed as well as getting the purchase invoice to complete the delivery procedures.

It is worth mentioning that each buyer has the right to purchase 5 weapons maximally, and 100 bullets per weapon.

These procedures are designed to ensure that the weapons are acquired in accordance with the conditions, in order that they are to be used personally and not for trading, in addition not to be used for purposes contrary to the laws and regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The weapons section has witnessed a lot of visitors who found the diversity and modernity these companies products displayed, which contributed to the increase of demand for them

Source: Saudi Press Agency