Advisor Of Anbar Governor Reveals: International Companies To Build Basra-Amman Oil Pipeline

Baghdad The advisor to the governor of Anbar for energy affairs, Aziz Khalaf Al-Tarmouz, revealed that offers from international companies have been submitted to the Ministry of Oil to build an “investment pipeline” to transport crude oil from Basra to Amman.

Al-Tarmouz said in a statement that the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) received a copy of it: “These companies are awaiting the approval of the ministry to choose one of them to start building this strategic project, which daily transfers two million barrels to Amman, to open new export outlets to Iraq and build hopes to advance the economic activity forward. ”

He added that this pipeline will open oil horizons for the country in order to open more than one port for export and will not remain confined between Basra and the Turkish port of Ceyhan, indicating that this project, which has a length of 1,700 km, will be implemented in two phases, the first extending from Basra to Haditha with a length of 700 km and being implemented by the Ministry of Oil and the second extends from Haditha until it ends at the port of Aqaba, with a length of 1000 km, which is being implemented by investment companies, at a cost ranging between 16-18 billion dollars.

He stressed that this pipeline, which will be implemented within 3 years from the date of its assignment, will allow Iraqi oil to be marketed to all international ports, and its ownership will be transferred after 20 years to the Iraqi and Jordanian governments, each with the part located in their territories.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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