Afiouni hopes for increased political awareness to address the country’s critical situation

State Minister for Investment and Technology, Adel Afiouni, highlighted Saturday the need for political awareness in the country to rise up to the level of the grave conditions witnessed at the economic and financial levels.

In this context, he stressed that “the implementation of the Baabda Economic Paper is possible, and the government has the ability to do so, but it is important to prove that through serious action and not mere words.”

He added: “The implementation of some aspects of the plan began in previous months, especially the work to reduce the deficit in the 2019 budget, apply this budget to reach the figures that have been committed, and solve the electricity crisis through the plan approved by the government in April.”

“The importance of the Baabda recommendations lies in the fact that they received the widest possible political support despite some reservations,” Afiouni said, speaking in an interview with “Voice of Lebanon” Radio Station earlier today.

The Minister indicated that the aim of Prime Minister Saad Hariri’s letter addressed to politicians yesterday was to “warn them that the situation can no longer tolerate any conflicts, and political differences must be put aside while focusing on the concerns of citizens.”

He also stressed that “the views of international institutions and their reports are important, and we have to take them into account,” asserting that “the most essential factor lies in the needs of citizens and the necessity of addressing their economic and daily-living conditions, which is the main objective of the reforms put forward.”

Touching on the issue of administrative appointments, Afiouni referred to the importance of increasing the productivity of the public sector and rationalizing it through filling the vacancies in this sector. He added that the principle of consensus in appointments is not bad, provided that it is based on transparent criteria, efficiency and the capacity to reform the administration.

Over the long-awaited e-government and his Ministry’s preparations in this regard, Afiouni said: “This issue is very important. Unfortunately, Lebanon has long delayed the launching of this government, and we have to make a quantum leap in this area.”

Source: National News Agency