After the two terrorist incidents in Nineveh .. An MP demanded the transfer of military and intelligence Commands outsidec

BAGHDAD, A member of the House of Representatives for the province of Nineveh Ahmed Madlul al-Jarba demanded the transfer of some military and intelligence Commands outside the province after the province witnessed two terrorist incidents and led to the death and injury of many citizens.

Al-Jarba said in a statement that the bats of darkness yesterday killed and terrorized the safe citizens, where they parked a car bomb at a restaurant on the right coast and detonated it. They also carried out a murder against a family in the western part of Nineveh."

He added that "one of the main reasons for this deterioration or terrorist acts is the multiple sources of military decision, where the Command of Nineveh Operations on the one hand and the popular crowd on the other hand and the corruption found in some military and security Commands, whose duty is turned from detecting Daesh sleeping cells to protect the sleeper cells, blackmail the owners of factories and banking offices and who has money in the city of Mosul.

"The solutions that I will work on and I am sure will stand with me all the members of the House of Representatives from the province of Nineveh and my colleagues from the rest of the provinces is to supply Nineveh police with 15 thousand policemen from the sons of Nineveh if they are dismissed or new volunteers, and then withdraw the crowd and the army from Inside the city into an outer outskirts, so that the city of Mosul is subject to the police only and the transfer of some military and intelligence Commands, which, as I mentioned earlier shifted their duty from chasing Daesh sleeping cells to protect them.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency