AGU workshop concludes

Manama, A medical workshop has recently concluded at Arabian Gulf University (AGU). Organised by the Medical Simulation Centre to train students of the College of Medicine and Medical Sciences to deal with urgent medical cases in the emergency room and other medical departments. Over 35 students, doctors and nurses from public hospitals in the Kingdom participated.

Director of the Medical Simulation Centre, Dr Taysir Garadah, said that the workshop achieved the expected success, as a result of the university's keenness to raise the skills and abilities of new doctors.

The workshop enriched the medical expertise of students and nurses and increased their practical skills in confidently dealing with patients in the ICU and ER.

It focused on the development of patient resuscitation skills through cardiac massage and intubation. It also introduced participants to all types of heart beats which lead to cardiac instability, how to use the defibrillator, in addition to the introduction of IV tubes in the jugular vein and a carrying out a full cardiograph.

The training was attended by doctors from the Salmaniya Medical Complex, Dr Sana Al Khawaja, Dr Dhafar Mahadeen and Dr Mohammed Al-Sayrafi as well as doctors from King Hamad University Hospital such as Dr Mohammad Al-Shirazi and Dr Anas Jari from the ICU, in addition to workers in the Medical Simulation Centre at AGU.

Source: Bahrain News Agency