Ahmed al-Asadi: The largest bloc was resolved by naming the Prime Minister

BAGHDAD, Member of the House of Representatives for the Coalition of Construction Ahmed al-Asadi stressed that the largest bloc was resolved by naming the Prime Minister.

He said in a joint press conference with the First Deputy Speaker of Parliament Hassan al-Kaabi that "the rivalry between the Kurdish blocs was a democratic , and Barham Saleh won the confidence of parliament and this is an important link in the formation of presidencies."

Al-Asadi expressed his hope that "Adel Abdul-Mahdi will be able to form the government during the constitutional ceiling and the selection of competent personalities."

For his part, al-Kaabi said that the parliament will be a real tool to guide the government to implement the aspirations of Iraqis, stressing that the election of the President of the Republic came a parliamentary consensus and political eligibility for the post, "calling for the President of the Republic to be the best aid to build the state and maintain the unity of the Constitution , we hope also that Mahdi be an efficient candidate to run the new government.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency