Al-Abadi: / Al-Nasr / is a State project and an advanced state in the political process and works within the national project / expanded

Baghdad, Head of Al-Nasr Coalition, Prime Minister Haider Abadi stressed that Al-Nasr Coalition is a state project, an advanced state in the political process and works within the national project."

"The independence of the Iraqi decision is a national commitment for us, and it will not be a slogan, it is a consistent approach," Al-Abadi told the Coalition meeting.

"We respect the interests of other countries in Iraq, as long as they match Iraqi sovereignty and interests," he said.

Al-Nasr Coalition held its regular meeting on Saturday under the chairmanship of Al-Abadi, and blessed the Iraqi people, the Islamic nation and pilgrims on the occasion of the Eid al-Adha.

During the meeting, they discussed the country's general security and service situations, the demands of citizens as well as political alliances.

The members of the Coalition renewed their commitment to Al-Nasr Coalition, unity, vision and program to build the country, and the importance of unity of position for the political blocs during the next phase, after the victory on terrorism militarily and enter the stage of construction and reconstruction and security stability and meet the needs of citizens and provide employment opportunities and achieve the welfare of citizens and maintain achievements which have been achieved.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency