Al-Abadi: I will not retire politics .. We will re-produce Al-Nasr Coalition as a gathering National Project

BAGHDAD, Head of Al-Nasr Coalition Haider al-Abadi said that he will not retire from politics and we will re-produce Al-Nasr Coalition as a gathering National project."

He added in a statement that "since the formation of Al-Nasr Coalition announced that itis a national project on citizenship and democracy and development and sound construction of the state to ensure unity, well-being and sovereignty, regardless of our victory or loss of elections, and in any location we were, and the project of Al-Nasr is for all Iraqis, and organizations believe in Al-Nasr as a national project and the fate of a free, secure and unified state, and today I renew my commitment to the project of Al-Nasr as a base and adopted it in the Iraqi political arena.

He added that "we will re-produce Al-Nasr coalition as a national project in a manner commensurate with the current and future developments," declaring that "he will not retire from politics regardless of any executive site. What concerns me is the safety of the project of Al-Nasr and work as a national alternative based on the achievements of our era, we believe it achieves the unity, prosperity and sovereignty of our beloved country, building state institutions properly and fighting corruption. "

Al-Abadi stressed that Al-Nasr did not demand any ministerial position in the next formation, but sites may be offered to us in the equation of the next ruling, and if we find that the site serves our project and strengthens our position and influence and does not cause us to hold projections and contradictions and consequences of what is going, we will accept it with emphasis on our rejection of the abhorrent quota.

"We have the balance of achievements, the public, the vital youth, the national elites, the project that crosses the sectarian, ethnic and partisan barriers, and we have the internal and external acceptability of our discourse and approach," Al-Abadi said.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency