Al-Abadi: The most important file we will discuss in Turkey is water .. We will not harm the interest of our country for the benefit of others

BAGHDAD, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi stressed his readiness to pay his life for the Iraqi people.

Al-Abadi said in his press conference today that the government, in light of its measures continues to improve the performance of the government, began changes including government managers in ministries and provinces in order to put the right man in the right place."

"We are continuing to arm our armed forces with a high degree of equipment to face any threats and to keep our forces ready to face any threats," he said, adding "We have issued decisions to arm the army to hunt terrorists and support our forces.

He added: "We are seeking a complete review of the storage of weapons in accordance with clear contexts through the formation of a committee to monitor and inspect all weapons stores, especially stores of the popular crowd, which led to many incidents for poor storage and high temperatures.

"We are keen to secure the Iraqi-Turkish border by the border guards of the Interior Ministry in order to prevent any encroachment on the neighboring countries, and we have directed the border guards to increase the number of its members," al-Abadi said.

On his visit to the Turkish capital of Ankara, he stressed that the most important file to be discussed is the water issue because of the significant reduction, and to discuss a joint agreement on this file, in addition to other files in order to strengthen the relationship with Turkey and with the neighboring countries despite the disagreement here and another there.

On the relationship with Iran after his statement on the commitment to US sanctions on it, al-Abadi said that "he did not decide anything about the sanctions, but clarified the situation is unjust according to an Iraqi vision of the sanctions that causes damage, and it is not the right of America or any major country to impose it, "there are those who have taken our words in another direction about Iran, which we care about as a neighboring country."

He stressed that "the strategy we are taking is peace with everyone and consideration of the interest of Iraq and then common interests with others, and cannot harm the interest of our country for the benefit of others."

"Iraq is committed to the issue of not dealing in dollars with Iran, sanctions are not international and the interest of the country is more important and currency smuggling is harmful to the interest of the country and its citizens, and we did not offend Iran and its people and there are those taking our words to another direction to harm our relationship with Iran and there are those who want to pressure us for the interests of gangs, "noting that" we have no problem in dealing with it in another currency with good neighborhood and good relations without undoing the rights of the country and the people and we do not want to be part of an unfair campaign against a neighboring country. "

He said: "We did not take any decision to stop importing from Iran, but only a commitment not to deal with the dollar."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency