Al-Ameri: The Plan Of Chaos In 2019 Was Shiite-Shiite Fighting/ More

Baghdad The head of the Al-Fateh Alliance, Hadi Al-Ameri, said: The plan of chaos in 2019 was the Shiite -Shiite fighting.

Al-Ameri added in his speech today: “We lost many martyrs for the sake of Iraq and the holy sites and salvation from the nightmare that was on his chest.”

He pointed out: “The two martyrs, Muhandis and Suleimani, participated in all the battles against terrorism and won them,” indicating that “the leaders of victory had a major role in expelling the occupier and expelling al-Qaeda, in stabilizing security and building the state.”

He added: “In the time of ISIS, everyone thought that Iraq was over, but thanks to the fatwa of jihad and the role of the leaders of victory, terrorism was defeated.”

He explained, “After the victory over terrorism, the” October sedition “took place, which was planned by the Baath Party and the United States to push Iraq into chaos.”

He noted: “The October sedition was aimed at Shiite-Shiite fighting,” indicating that “we must not accept any less than the expulsion of foreign forces from Iraq, and let the Iraqi people have one voice in the direction of expelling the occupier from the country .


Source: National Iraqi News Agency