Al-Balsam International Organization Discusses Ways of Coordination with Charitable Foundation of Cardiology in Mukalla

Mukalla, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Al-Balsam International Organization, Dr. Emad bin Abdullah Bukhari, visited here on Saturday the office of the Charitable Foundation of Cardiology at Nabd Al-Hayat Center in Mukalla.

During the visit, they discussed ways of continuing coordination between the organization and the Charitable Foundation of Cardiology.

Dr. Bukhari said that the organization has provided the treatment for patients in different Yemeni governorates as Hadramout governorate received two visits under the new name launched in October 2017 and the treatment will be also provided for many heart patients who came from various governorates of Yemen to alleviate their sufferings.

For his part, the Chairman of Charitable Foundation of Cardiology Mohammed Bashuaib expressed his thanks and appreciation to Al- Balsam International Organization and its medical team for their contribution to treat hundreds of heart patients in Yemen

Source: Saudi Press Agency