Al-Balsam Medical Team Successfully Performs First Open-Heart Surgery on a Yemeni Youth

Mukalla, The medical team of Al-Balsam International Organization led by Dr. Emad Bukhari successfully preformed yesterday an open-heart surgery on a young man in Mukalla City, Yemen, where the medical team changed the patient's enlarged heart valve.

Cardiothoracic surgery consultant and member of Al-Balsam medical team Dr. Rakan Nazer said that the Yemeni young man was suffering from an enlargement and weakness in his heart muscle, pointing out that they performed an open-heart surgery and changed one of the heart valves.

Dr. Nazer added that most medical conditions received by the medical team are in advanced stages, pointing out that late diagnoses and hard living conditions of the Yemeni people are the main reasons for this problem.

For his part, the Yemeni youth expressed his thanks to the medical team who performed the surgery, which was seriously dangerous due his advanced condition, indicating that performing the surgery was impossible due to circumstances in Yemen.

Source: Saudi Press Agency