Al-Fateh Alliance : No alliances among the political blocs before the ratification of the election results

Baghdad, Al-Fateh Alliance confirmed the continuation of talks among the political blocs to form the largest parliamentary bloc, adding that the current understandings will not result in alliances before the ratification of the election results.

The official Spokesman of the Alliance, Ahmed al-Asadi, said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / that "the recent dialogues of the Fateh Alliance concluded the understandings and convergence of visions with the Victory Coalition and the State of Law and the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Patriotic Union and the Coalition of Iraqi Forces to form the largest parliamentary bloc, that "the Alliance of the conquest seeks to be the largest bloc of all components and political blocs."

He added that "the Alliance of the largest bloc is open to all blocs in accordance with the theory of national space, which accommodates everyone except those who exclude themselves," noting that "understanding and convergence has not yet reached the stage of declaring the official alliance among these blocks in its final form and also not addressed the naming of the next Prime Minister , waiting for the approval of the Federal Court on the results of the elections. "

The Electoral Commission has started the beginning of this month, the manual counting and sorting of polling stations, which received complaints and appeals.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency