Al-Hakim: The Elections Must Be Able To Bring Iraq Out Of Its Crises And Exceptional Circumstances

Baghdad  The head of the Iraqis Coalition, Ammar al-Hakim, stressed the importance of biometric modernization and obligating voters to receive the card to curb manipulation and fraud.

Al-Hakim said during his meeting with a group of political, academic and media elites: “The elections are a means and not an end in themselves, and the elections must be in accordance with an equation capable of bringing Iraq out of its political crises and exceptional circumstances.”

He added: “The upcoming elections have opportunities to nominate the most qualified and win the highest votes, whether inside or outside the political forces, and if this trend is against the philosophy of the political system based on the basis of political blocs and forces, this came to achieve the highest representation.”

He continued, “The broad participation in the elections achieves change and is capable of moving the equation,” warning against the calls for spreading frustration and the inability to change because it follows political projects that benefit from the decline in electoral participation.

He expressed his belief that the amendments to the election law, although some of them are essential, seem difficult at the present time due to the need to follow legal methods in the amendment, and the absence of the Federal Court at which the law is challenged.

He noted: “The dissolution of the parliament in preparation for the elections is possible by virtue of the presence of effective forces capable of achieving the parliamentary majority that wants early elections and is able to encourage their representatives to achieve this.” He reiterated his vision for the cross-component alliance before the elections, considering the existence of 270 and more do not produce a success equation like the cross-component alliance contributes to creating an equation for success, organizing the political process, and creating an equation of loyalty and opposition.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency