Al-Halbousi calls during a meeting of a delegation of the Supreme Council to create a harmonious political atmosphere

Baghdad, Speaker of the House of Representatives Mohamed Al-Halbousi called to create a harmonious political climate contributes to finding solutions to the problems and outstanding issues.

"The Speaker of the Parliament discussed during a meeting with a delegation from the Islamic Supreme Council under the chairmanship of Sheikh Mohammad Taqi al-Mawla, the developments of the political situation and the movement that is taking place in the political arena to form the next government."

"The meeting dealt with ways to support the legislative institution and support and strengthen its legislative and oversight functions, to complete the process of comprehensive reform."

"The next stage requires more cooperation and coordination between the forces and political blocs; in order to create a political climate that contributes to finding solutions to the problems and outstanding issues."

He expressed the hope that there will be a clear vision through which to choose a strong and harmonious cabinet, "noting that" the House of Representatives will be supportive of the next government in terms of legislation of the important laws, and exercise its oversight role of its performance. "

Source: National Iraqi News Agency