Al-Halbousi discusses with leaders of the Axis Alliance and MPs of the liberated areas developments of the political situation and ongoing dialogues to name the government formation

BAGHDAD, Speaker of the House of Representatives Mohamed Al-Halbousi discussed with leaders and MPs of the National Axis Alliance and liberated areas the developments of the political situation, and ongoing dialogues to name the government formation, as well as the situation in the liberated areas.

The meeting also discussed ways to support and enhance stability and services in the affected provinces.

He stressed that the next phase requires more cooperation and coordination between the various forces and political blocs to create a political atmosphere that helps to meet the challenges and treat crises and move towards the stage of development and reconstruction.

He added: "We hope to see a government cabinet that is efficient, strong and harmonious and enjoys a national consensus that will enable it to take its role in the process of comprehensive reform."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency