Al-Hassan, ESCWA Executive Secretary announce opening of ESCWA road Friday

Minister of Interior and Municipalities Raya Al-Hassan and ESCWA Executive Secretary Rola Dashti held a joint press conference this Tuesday afternoon, announcing the opening of the road linking downtown to the Salim Slam Street on Friday.

The Executive Secretary of ESCWA commended the Minister of the Interior for "the great efforts she is making not only at the level of Lebanon but also at the regional level."

"She is an honorable model for Arab women," she said. "We have prioritized solutions that ensure the safety and security of United Nations personnel, all the while preventing burdens on the commercial center of the country," Dashti added.

"As some may already know, the roads have been closed under certain security conditions that Lebanon was going through. The conditions have changed and the security situation has stabilized, and we, like ESCWA, support the stability and economic and social development of this country."

"Today, we are sending a message to the international community and foreign investors that Lebanon is stable and secure. We hope that the actions of the United Nations, in all its organs, will help Lebanon improve its economy, better its living conditions and create jobs for young people," she added.

In turn, Al-Hassan started by saying: "When I took up my duties in the Ministry of Interior, I took it upon myself to take certain steps, albeit small, to improve the lives of citizens and facilitate their affairs."

"Here we are today, opening the road linking the downtown to the Slim Slam tunnel by Friday. The opposite lane will be opened in a month. We hope to have made a simple step to improve the people's daily lives," the minister said.

Source: National News Agency