Al-Jubeir in a press conference with the United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator: Kingdom’s way of dealing with the attacks on oil installations will be announced in due course 2 New York

The United Nations Coordinator for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Mark Lowcock said that many people in Yemen could have died without the kingdom's generous funding, pointing out that humanitarian operations do not fully solve the problem in Yemen and this requires peace, stability, recovery and development. But for now, as we move forward, we must save the lives of children, women and men in Yemen.

On the theft of aid by the Houthis, he explained that the United Nations program faces many challenges to reach the hungry and sick in Yemen and there is lack of security and obstacles toward approvals, stressing that any corruption or thefts are not acceptable at all.

Lowcock pointed out that investigations are conducted when there are allegations, because we are determined that the funds we get from generous donors get to the desired destinations.

Regarding the means to verify the arrival of aid to beneficiaries, Lowcock said that the only way to verify that the people we seek to help get the assistance they need, is by asking them and not asking the agencies that provided this assistance but ask them independently.

Source: Saudi Press Agency