Al-Kaabi Meets Al-Hakim And Affirms The Need To Pass The General Budget Law At An Early Time

Baghdad  The First Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Hassan Al-Kaabi, affirmed that the draft federal budget bill for this year must be approved at an “early” time.

During his meeting with the head of the Iraqis Coalition, Ammar al-Hakim, Al-Kaabi indicated, “The House of Representatives, in its current term, is keen to legislate all laws guaranteeing the holding of free, fair and transparent elections, and to provide broad opportunities for honest competencies to represent the Iraqi street, and this process will not take place without expediting the legislation of the Federal Court law in order to give these elections full legitimacy, so it is necessary to ensure the sobriety of this important law. ”

The First Deputy Speaker of Parliament stressed that the draft federal budget law for this year must be approved at an “early” time in a way that preserves the vulnerable classes and people with limited income, and focus on maximizing non-oil resources and activating other mechanisms related to fighting corruption, provisions for controlling outlets, rationalizing unnecessary spending and attracting investment to the country , calling on the government, regulatory agencies and other concerned institutions to put in place the necessary guarantees to control the high prices of goods and foodstuffs, which occurred after the high exchange rates of the dollar, which greatly burdened the citizen.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency