Al-Khalisi calls upon the masses to stand in the ranks of the demonstrators and defend their oppressors

Najaf, The Religious Authority, Jawad al-Khalisi, called on Wednesday for the masses of Iraqi people to stand in the ranks of the demonstrators in Basra and defend their oppressors, pointing out that the army and security institutions are to serve the people not to be a tool to oppress the oppressors.

"The demonstrators have nothing but to claim their legitimate rights," Al-Khalisi said in a new statement commenting on the demonstrations in Basra.

Al-Khalisi called on politicians not to be preoccupied with the tricks of the blocs and the competition for positions, but to work to remove the severe plight of the Iraqi people, condemning all the actions that have been to pass the scheme of the miserable political process that brought Iraq to this dangerous slide.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency