Al-Mutlaq assured the Kurdish delegation full national support for the person of the President of the Republic approved by the Kurdish

BAGHDAD, The leader of the National Coalition Saleh al-Mutlaq support the full national of the person of the President of the Republic approved by the Kurdish.

"Mutlaq discussed with the delegation of the Democratic Party of Kurdistan headed by Fuad Hussein, the Iraqi political issue and the movements of naming the President of the Republic, and form the next government of the country."

The statement quoted al-Mutlaq as referring to "the latest developments in the political scene and the state of difference in visions within the same component of all blocs and formations as a health condition in their collection, which confirms the importance of modifying the political messages and dealing with the events and requirements of the Iraqi street."

He stressed that "the national list provides full support to the person of the upcoming President and agreed by the Kurdish parties, thus leading to its national role in maintaining the unity of the people and the nation and the maintenance of the Constitution and to protect the security of the citizen.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency