Al-Nasr Coalition : The Kurds will join the largest bloc after the election of the President of the Republic .. Al-Abadi is still the favored for a second term

Baghdad, The Coalition of Al-Nasr, the accession of the Kurds to the largest bloc will be decided, if the election of the candidate for the post of President of the Republic, noting that the current Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi is still the best candidate for a new term.

The MP for the Coalition Nada Shaker Jawdat said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) that the Reform bloc became the largest bloc constitutionally and the number of members rose to 195 MPs after the accession of a number of political forces to it, which includes the signatures of leaders of winning lists as stipulated by the laws of Federal Court.

She added that "negotiations with the Kurds have gone a long way, and will be decided to join the largest bloc after the election of the President of the Republic and the selection of a new candidate for the post," indicating that "the largest bloc was formally formed, the bloc of Reform and Reconstruction, and dialogue is still open with other political blocs to join us.

"The response of the Federal Court on the largest bloc has not reached the parliament yet, but it is more likely that the heads of blocs are signatories to the formation of alliances, which is constitutional."

She considered that "the statements of some political parties against the second term of Al-Abadi come within the political competition, and Al-Abadi is still the most likely Prime Minister, during the next phase," noting that "the chances of other names of the dilapidated Prime Minister is very few in office, but Al-Abadi, his chances are very large."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency