Al-Sadr denied meeting a US official in Kuwait and calls for dialogue on the two power crises with the government and water with Turkey

Najaf, The leader of the Sadrist Movement Moqtada al-Sadr said that his visit to Kuwait was fraternal, and denied meeting with the US envoy overseeing the formation of the largest bloc leading to the formation of the government.

Al-Sadr said, among other answers, "Let them call what they call, days will prove their lies and the visit to Kuwait and the visit to Emir of Kuwait is fraternal. Kuwait is a moderate country and its Emir is the prince of peace and moderation.

On the issue of electricity and privatization and calling for demonstrations against it, he said: "I do not stand against the demonstration for rights, this is your choice, but I try to solve the problem before the demonstration and I am with the people wherever they are."

"We are in the process of solving the problem between the government and the people in terms of privatization, I am not against privatization, but against some of its items and mechanisms, please wait," he said.

" Al-Sadr refused to go out in a demonstration outside the Turkish Embassy in protest against reducing Iraq's water quota, saying, I do not support it now, I will try to solve the problem through dialogue, if we do not succeed, we have another stand," he said.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency