Al Shamsi tours Akkar: We target Akkar with our humanitarian and philanthropic projects

United Arab Emirates Ambassador to Lebanon Hamad Saeed Al Shamsi and Beirut Governor Ziad Chbib toured Akkar on Sunday, accompanied by UAE Charge d'Affaires Fahd Al Kaabi and other dignitaries.

The tour began with an inspection visit to the Sheikh Zayed Sports Stadium, funded by the Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation for Humanitarian Works in the area of Al-Owainat in Akkar, where they assessed the progress of work.

They then moved to the home of Father Elias Chbib, who held a village breakfast in their honor.

The UAE diplomat and Beirut Governor then visited the Museum of Rare Butterflies and Birds in the Carmelite Fathers Monastery in Qobayat, where they were received by Father Michel Abboud who briefed them on the Museum's attractions.

Their next stop was at the Arabian horse breeding farms in Akkar's Plain, following which they visited the town of Qamouaa where a luncheon was hosted in their honor by "Dialogue Forum for the Future of Akkar" Member, Noureddine Merhi. The latter spoke about the town's natural characteristics, water springs and different kinds of trees.

For his part, Al Shamsi pointed to his recurrent visits to Akkar for the past four years, noting that his country aims to provide the region with humanitarian support and diverse philanthropic projects that serve its development and infrastructure.

He pointed out that "this region is a safety valve, especially as its citizens work in the military and security institutions, which proves their patriotism and their love for their country and this dear land."

Al Shamsi also touched on the relationship between Lebanon and the UAE, describing it as "an old and deep-rooted relationship."

He added: "Many things link us to Lebanon, and most of the Lebanese are residing in the UAE, for the number of Lebanese community members has reached 300 thousand, and some have dual citizenship. The Lebanese community contributed to building the UAE in its service sectors."

Al Shamsi highlighted the need for moving towards moderate discourse, urging religious clerics and the wise to encourage such moderation.

He concluded: "We will not forget the town of al-Qamouaa in our future development projects during the upcoming phase, and we hope that security and stability will prevail in this ancient country."

For his part, Chbib thanked the UAE Ambassador for his visit, saying: "In Akkar, we are able, with individual initiatives and modest abilities, to make a difference."

He touched on Akkar's natural wealth resources, noting that promoting Akkar's nature and environmental richness is an inevitable matter.

Referring to Akkar's citizens, Chbib said that they are the most important wealth resource, in light of their successful presence and contribution to the Lebanese army, security forces, state institutions and the private sector.

Source: National News Agency