Al-Tuwaijri: KSA Global Model in Combating Terrorism, Rejecting Hate, Promoting Peace

Riyadh, Secretary-General of the Arab Red Crescent and Red Cross Organization Dr. Saleh bin Hamad Al-Tuwaijri praised the great role played by the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), in combating terrorism and extremist ideology, in addition to adopting the message of peace and tolerance, in enhancing global security.

Al-Tuwaijri emphasized that the Kingdom is facing terrorism and extremist ideology, standing with the world in a single row in confronting it, as the Kingdom seeks to continue its humanitarian and relief role, as the Arab and Islamic world is witnessing the largest humanitarian crisis, affecting many life aspects.

He also praised the efficiency of the Saudi security to foil terrorist operations and confront them, denouncing these terrorist attempts aimed at destabilizing the security and stability of the Kingdom.

Source: Saudi Press Agency