Alain Aoun after bloc meeting: We hope Hariri will soon resolve remaining issues, form government

The "Strong Lebanon" parliamentary bloc held its regular meeting this Tuesday under the chairmanship of caretaker Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants, Gebran Bassil, with talks touching on an array of issues.

"The Foreign Minister has briefed us on his Arab tour in Kuwait and Jordan, and the topics of common interest that were discussed, mainly the issue of displaced persons and means to boost relations," said MP Alain Aoun at the end of the meeting.

Tackling the government formation, Aoun said "We are still waiting, as all the Lebanese are, for this matter to be resolved. We are certainly counting on the optimism shown by Premier-designate Saad Hariri, on the basis of which we hope the negotiations will end and the government will see the light."

"We have put forth our own approach to the subject of the government in terms of the criterion to adopt. We are not replacing the prime minister but in the end we are a weighty political party. In Lebanon we are governed by governments of national unity and that cannot remain subject to discretion," he said on behalf of the bloc, stressing that a specific approach ought to be adopted every time a government is formed, so as to accelerate the formation process.

"This this is scientific approach that we should henceforth be able to devote as Lebanese, in order to spare the Lebanese people and ourselves as political forces all this waiting and all this time wasted time."

"We are now waiting for the premier-designate to conclude his negotiations, and on this basis, come up with the appropriate formula for all the parties, on the basis of which the government can see the light. (...) The President of the Republic is headed tomorrow to participate in the Francophone Summit, and we are expecting, upon his return, that Hariri would have made progress," he concluded.

Source: National News Agency