Allawi Meets Turkish ambassador

BAGHDAD, Vice President of the Republic Iyad Allawi stressed that regional interventions to influence on the national trends have had a very negative effects on the overall situation in Iraq over the past years.

"Allawi met today with the Turkish ambassador Fatih Yildiz, they discussed the developments on the local and regional levels, as well as the file of the war on terror," a statement from the media office said.

The statement added that "the meeting dealt with the file of the elections and its implications, efforts and ongoing dialogues in order to agree on a unified national government program."

Allawi said during the meeting that "the production of a purely Iraqi decision in this regard will be reflected positively on the next stage locally and regionally."

He added: "We hope that everyone will take a lesson from the past and make sure that the interest of the world and the whole world lies in a stable unified Iraq with a national decision not subject to influence from outside."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency