Allawi: The Recent Political Meetings Below The Level Of Ambition

Baghdad, The leader of the National Coalition IyadAllawi stressed that the recent political meetings, including the recent consultative meeting below the level of ambition did not include anything new except public dialogues.

Allawi said in a statement to NINA that the participants in the consultative meeting did not agree on clear mechanisms and there is no unanimous decision on the final results, because the meeting is consultative, including the file of completing the cabinet and other files.

He added: We have candidates for the Ministry of Defense, but the decision of the Federal Court, which is not to interfere in the rules of procedure of the House of Representatives, is a procedure allows the presidency of parliament to move as desired by its president, Mohamed Halbousi, and we respect this but the problem is in the seriousness of the Parliament in implementing other important decisions away from the formation of the government, like legislation of the oil and gas laws, the Federal Court, and the Federal Service Council. "

Allawi stressed that the main decisions of the parliament, which is not yet heard, have not been heard on the ground so far. He called on the Presidency of Parliament to change the course of meetings towards service and vitality issues of the country.

He considered that "Iraq, because of the current government, is still in its place with little change."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency