Alliance of Saeron to / NNINA /: The establishment of the largest bloc must be in accordance with national standards and prevail of the public interest on the interests of parties

Baghdad, The Alliance of Saeron continued its quest to form the largest bloc according to national bases.

"Our efforts are continuing to establish the largest bloc for the formation of the government," said Raed Fahmi, a leader of Saeron. "The establishment of this bloc must be in accordance with national criteria that prevail over the interests of the parties."

He added that "the dialogues of all the blocks have not yet reached the stage of agreement or the declaration of the coalition to form the largest parliamentary bloc."

He pointed out that "everyone is waiting for the outcome of the manual counting and sorting of the ballot boxes, and then will know the size of each block in the elections, and is negotiated in accordance with these volumes."

He stressed that "what is important for us is to participate with our program, which gives political reform and fighting financial and administrative corruption a priority on the subject of sharing positions and provide the candidate for Prime Minister."

It is noteworthy that the leader of the Sadrist movement, Moqtada al-Sadr announced the identification of a number of conditions for the choice of the next Prime Minister, stressing the need to be independent and outside the House of Representatives.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency