AlNashef: We adhere to our representation right within the government and we see no reason to ignore this right

Syrian National Social Party Chief, Hanna al-Nashef, said Sunday that his Party is attached to its right to be represented within the new cabinet, adding that there is no objective reason or measure that justifies ignoring this right.

He hoped in an issued statement that "sectarian quotas would have a certain limit, so they do not affect our natural right that guarantees our representation in the government."

"We are a cross-sectarian party and we have a parliamentary bloc and represent a large segment of non-sectarian Lebanese who demand the abolition of sectarianism and the adoption of civil laws in the legislation...and we have maintained the unity of Lebanon, for which we offered hundreds of martyrs and a lot of sacrifices," Nashef went on.

He stressed that his Party "is not concerned with disputes over sectarian sizes, because it is of a different color...It is the color of Lebanese equal rights and duties away from sects and confessions."

Source: National News Agency