AMAL renews Berri’s mandate as Chief, reiterates commitment to eliminating deprivation and injustice, defending sovereignty against Israeli aggression, terrorism

In its 14th general conference held on Saturday, AMAL Movement renewed the mandate of House Speaker Nabih Berri as its "Chief".

The Movement reiterated its priorities of liberating Imam Moussa al-Sadr, and its commitments towards lifting-off deprivation and injustice, defending the country's sovereignty against any Israeli aggression and confronting terrorism.

This came in a statement issued by the Movement during its general conference today, which shed light on the political, regional and international scenes and the current prevailing conditions in Lebanon and its surrounding region.

Conferees also discussed a number of major issues of concern to citizens, including reports on the status of public finances and environmental threats to the Litani River, and the cultivation of cannabis for medical purposes.

Source: National News Agency