An Economist: Reducing the expenses of the Electoral Commission and the electoral process is better than borrowing again

Baghdad  The consultant in industrial development and investment, Amer Al-Jawahiri, called the government to reduce the requirements and expenses of the electoral commission and the electoral process, instead of borrowing again.

Al-Jawahiri said in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) that the government’s request to Parliament to finance the Electoral Commission with sums added to the amount of the Fiscal Deficit Financing Act is an enhancement of domestic borrowing.”

He added that although the Parliamentary Finance Committee’s answer to the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers indicated the government’s ability to address the issue, whether with its powers or from the reserve, or by adding its needs within the 2021 budget, what is striking is that the government requests an additional amount to be added to a loan to finance work. He asked: “Where was the government? Are things forgetting and remembering, then do we borrow money to cover the voting process?”

The economic expert stressed the need for the government to resort to a significant reduction in the requirements and expenses of the Electoral Commission and the electoral process on the one hand, and to follow the method of pressure on expenditures and severe austerity on the other hand.

The House of Representatives yesterday completed the first reading of the bill to finance the expenditures of the House of Representatives elections.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency