An MP called on Al-Haabousi to replace the MPs who have not been sworn in so far

BAGHDAD, MP for the Construction Alliance Zahra al-Bijari called on Speaker of the House of Representatives Mohammed Al-Halbousi to send a letter to the Electoral Commission to replace the members who have not been sworn in so far.

"All members of the House of Representatives took the constitutional oath on September 3 except those who hold government positions," Al-Bijari said in a statement.

"The legal period for the constitutional oath is one month, otherwise, the winning member, whether he is a government official or not, should explain why he has not been sworn in and wants to retain his position in the government," she said.

She demanded the presidency of the House of Representatives "to send the names of the winners to the Electoral Commission, who have not performed the oath so far to force them to perform the constitutional oath to carry out their legislative duties or replace them with other members."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency