An MP for the Saeron Alliance warns of muzzling the protesters and covering the corruption files of previous governments

BAGHDAD, The MP for the Saeron Alliance Shaima Al-Tamimi warned from muzzling the mouths of demonstrators and covering the files of corruption of previous governments, stressing the protection of defenseless protesters demanding their legitimate rights.

Al-Tamimi pointed in a statement issued by her media office on Wednesday to the repression of demonstrators to cover mouths to cover up the failure of previous governments in the provision of services, stressing that there is corruption within the file of Basra province and this file needs government intervention.

Al-Tamimi said that the members of the House of Representatives seek to intervene personally or through the powers assigned to them to find out the reasons for the decline of services."

"Her bloc will have an initiative in the coming days that will provide the best services," she said.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency