An MP Of Sauiroon Confirms Absence Of Women’s Representation In The Next Cabinet

BAGHDAD, The MP of Sauiroon Alliance, Siham al-Ukaili confirmed that there is a lack of women representation in the next cabinet.

"We are currently waiting for the announcement of the Cabinet next week, so as the parliamentarians women to ask to increase the proportion of their participation," Ukaili told NINA.

"We do not know what is going on behind the scenes," she said, added "Only four ministries have been allocated to women, and justice requires seven ministries."

She pointed out that "it was agreed to form a women's bloc within the House of Representatives to be a pressure on issues that protect women and press to be a clear representation of positions held by women in the executive authority."

The Information Office of the Prime Minister in charge of forming the government, Adel Abdul Mahdi announced on Wednesday that Abdul Mahdi intends to submit the names of members of his ministerial group next week. And he is making contacts with the Presidency of Parliament and with the leaders and parliamentary blocs to determine the right day, which will be announced later. "

Source: National Iraqi News Agency