Anbar Command detonates /152/ explosive devices

BAGHDAD, The engineering teams of the 10th Division in Al-Anbar detonated 152 explosive devices during the past two days.

A statement issued by the Operations Command said that 37 improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and 65 improvised in the form of a 20-liter Glycan of C4 were detonated in the area between Al-Salam Interchange and Al-Falafat train station and al-Nassaf areas. Other teams of the same Command detonated 50 bombs in the intersection of Al-Salam to the train station of Al-Falahat.

"The area contains hundreds of improvised explosive devices, the Daesh terrorist organization had planted during his presence in the region to block the progress of the army units towards the center of Anbar province and the districts of Falluja and Ameriya Al-Samoud, and the engineering divisions of the Operations Command and the 10th Division continues to cleanse these areas until the completion of its work fully.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency