Anti- Crime Directorate of Baghdad announces the arrest of 17 accused of various issues in the capital

BAGHDAD, Baghdad's Anti-Crime Department announced on Friday the arrest of 17 suspects in various cases in different parts of the capital.

"Seventeen suspects were arrested in accordance with various warrants of arrest in different parts of the capital Baghdad, including one accused of kidnapping a girl in al-Bayaa area, and two accused of having robbed a house and stealing a sum of 83 Million dinars in the area of Al-Shaab. "

"The forces also managed to arrest an accused by the Bureau of theft of cars of Rusafa for stealing (vehicles), and another thief for stealing a sum of money (10 million dinars) from a vehicle in the area of Adhamiya, while the Human Trafficking Commission arrested an accused in Rusafa side for trading with human organs (buying and selling kidneys ").

"Five thieves were also arrested, one of whom stole money from a bag in Mahmudiya area and two for stealing money from residential houses in Bab al-Sheikh and Mansur areas, three stole a motorcycles in the areas of New Baghdad, Kadhimiya and Sadr City ".

Source: National Iraqi News Agency