Anticorruption has become a national issue says Kouyoumjian

Minister of Social Affairs, Richard Kouyumjian, said in an interview with Future Television that "fighting corruption has become a national issue," adding that "waste expenditure, deals and useless expenses cannot continue."

"The Lebanese Forces Party has a satisfied conscience as its practice is based on transparency and a reformist, moral vision in political work," he said, adding that his Party "will be an impenetrable bloc in the reform dossier and has plans to follow in this field."

"The Lebanese Forces will be the watchful eye on the government's implementation of the Cedar Conference decisions, and will cut the road on any attempt of corruption or exploitation of the State's positions for personal or party gains," he asserted.

"The LF ministers in the previous government stood in the face of every file they were not convinced of...and stuck to their stances and managed with other parties to adhere to respecting the work of institutions," Kouyoumjian went on.

He stressed that "corruption cannot be divided," calling on the parties to "begin themselves in the fight against corruption."

"Countries that want to help Lebanon call for reforms to start, so fighting corruption is a national matter to save the country from its financial crisis," he corroborated.

"There is no fear for stability in Lebanon," Kouyoumjian said reassuringly. He hoped that "the government would be one of solidarity and action, for there are large economic, daily living and financial dossiers that are urgent to the Lebanese people and should be addressed as soon as possible."

"The defense strategy can be implemented in parallel with other files," the Minister pointed out, noting that "the President has promised to place it on the Council of Ministers' discussion table."

On the Syrian refugees' issue and his participation next week in the Brussels Conference to demand their speedy return, Kouyoumjian said: "The Lebanese Forces Party supports the Russian initiative or any international initiative that contributes to their return."

"The Party supports the President of the Republic in his efforts to ensure their safe return," he confirmed.

Source: National News Agency