Aoun addressing the crowds along the road to the Presidential Palace: Corruption cannot be easily removed, because it has been rooted for decades

The squares are many and there should be no square against another, and no demonstration against another, for corruption cannot easily disappear since it has been deeply-rooted for decades and will not fade except with huge efforts, stressed the President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, on Sunday.

Aoun surprised the crowds of supporters who gathered along the road to the Presidential Palace since the early morning hours to show solidarity with him, by addressing them through a televised speech from inside Baabda Palace. You are here to renew the vow, and I welcome you all, he said.

We drew a three-point roadmap: corruption, the economy and the civil state, and the three are not easy to achieve, Aoun emphasized.

The President considered that implementing this roadmap requires a square that includes the supporters who gathered at Baabda Palace today and the demonstrators together, in order to defend the people's rights amidst the numerous obstacles at stake. He noted that those who are obstructing the change path are many.

For this reason, we need huge collaborated efforts and we want you to agree with the large team and join your struggle together, Aoun told the crowds of citizens.

The President concluded his brief word by assuring all the people of his devotion, saying: I tell you that I am with you, and through you I see the people of all Lebanon. I tell you that I love you all, and all of you means all of you!"

Source: National News Agency