Aoun discusses bilateral ties with Chinese delegation, tackles developments with Baabda interlocutors

Baabda Palace witnessed on Thursday a series of meetings touching on local, regional and international issues.

Amongst Baabda visitors had been a Chinese delegation headed by Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) Vice Chiarperson, Chen Xiaoguang, who visited him in the company of Chinese Ambassador to Lebanon, Wang Kejian. The meeting reportedly broached the best means to bolster Lebanese-Chinese relations.

Welcoming his visiting Chinese delegation, Aoun stressed that Lebanon's intellectual relationship with China dated back to many years, not to mention the commercial relations between both countries that dated back to the year 1954.

"China is on the top of the list of countries from which Lebanon imports products," Aoun said, hoping that China would follow suit importing Lebanese products.

The President also highlighted the importance of expanding the port of Tripoli for Lebanon to be able to welcome bigger trade vessels.

"The Mediterranean is a point of contact between Africa, Asia, and Europe," Aoun said. "Lebanon assumes an important position as a point of contact and has witnessed progress in the management of banks, business, and foreign trade," he added, hoping that China would benefit from Lebanon's expertise in these fields.

For his part, Xiaoguang disclosed sincere efforts to boost Chinese-Lebanese relations at all levels.

"The history and cultural diversity of Lebanon, as well as the enthusiasm of its people, have all left a profound impact on our minds; through this visit we hope to raise the level of cooperation between both countries and to achieve further progress in bilateral relations," China's Xiaoguang said.

"It is true that Lebanon and China are located on both sides of Asia, but the Silk Road has linked both countries for more than 2000 years," Xiaoguang added, stressing China's constant support for the stability and sovereignty of Lebanon. He also mentioned the presence of more than 400 Chinese soldiers working within UNIFIL in South Lebanon, and who are keen on maintaining stability in the region.

Later during the day, President Aoun met with MP Jamil al-Sayyed, with whom he discussed the latest developments on the internal and regional arenas, as well as underway negations leading to the lengthily awaited cabinet lineup.

Separately, the Presdient met with the President of the Truck Owners Association at Beirut Port, Charbel Matta. The pair dwelt on the conditions of trucks and their work issues at the port.

The accompanying delegation presented President with a series of demands to improve their working conditions, and to maintain the efficiency of work at Beirut port.

For his part, President Aoun promised to "follow up on these demands with concerned sides," stressing "the role of public truck owners in the port of Beirut in revitalizing the national economy.

Source: National News Agency