Aoun meets Kubis, says new government’s first task is to fight corruption

President Michel Aoun said Monday that the first task of the new government will be to follow up on the fight against corruption and that investigations will include all officials in all levels of public administrations.

"The first mission of the new government after its formation will be to carry on the process of fighting corruption, by conducting investigations in all the state administrations and the public and independent institutions in order to hold the corrupts accountable," Aoun told UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon, Jan Kubis, whom he met at Baabda palace.

"Investigations will include all officials who had taken office respectively in all levels of public administrations and institutions and independent authorities," Aoun said to his guest.

Turning to protests, the President highlighted the necessity of dialogue with all protesters with a view to reaching an agreement,

Kubis has relayed to his host the UN chief's concern about developments in Lebanon, adding that the UN is ready to offer help in that respect.

Source: National News Agency