Aoun meets Task Force for Lebanon delegation in New York

President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, currently in New York to head Lebanon's delegation to the UN General Assembly meeting, received this afternoon (Beirut local time) at his "Plaza" Hotel suite a delegation of the American Task Force for Lebanon.

The delegation is headed by Edward Gabriel.

The meeting was attended by Minister of State for Presidency Affairs Salim Jreissati, Lebanon's Ambassador to Washington Gabi Issa, Principle Advisor to the President Mireille Aoun Hashem, Presidency Media Bureau Chief Rafic Shalala, and Advisor Osama Khashab.

Speaking at the beginning of the meeting, Gabriel thanked President Aoun for his continuous support for the work of the Organization and its role in strengthening relations and cooperation ties between Lebanon and the United States, especially in the field of enhancing grants and aid provided by the US Congress to Lebanon.

Gabriel stressed "the Organization's permanent readiness to assist Lebanon in various fields, especially at the economic level."

President Aoun, in turn, expressed appreciation for the work of the Organization internationally and regionally, shedding light on the reforms and measures taken by the Lebanese government to achieve economic growth in light of the new economic plan to convert Lebanon's economy from rentier to productive and to stimulate investment.

The Head of State also outlined the most important measures adopted at the judicial level in terms of anti-corruption laws, enhancing transparency and monitoring the sources of waste in the public sector and the most vital facilities.

Aoun also disclosed a vision to privatize certain sectors such as communications, energy and transport.

The President deemed the economic situation in Lebanon as very critical due to the accumulations since 1990, and the impact of regional events, not to mention the burden of displacement.

Aoun reiterated that Lebanon seeks revival once again through executing development projects, serious reforms, and a new budget that includes sufficient austerity measures that would give an impetus to the donor countries to start with the implementation of the CEDRE Conference decisions.

Source: National News Agency